Mehwish Iqbal from London

Respected Hafiz sb, How are you? Hopeful you will be fine. Alhamdullilah my daughter is completely cured. Now I had got tired of getting her treating from medical doctor and was broken. The whole saving of life was spent but then doctors were about to get disappointed. In that hard time Mohsis Bhai(from Norway) give me your number. Alhamdullilah after the treatment of only 6 months, my daughter cured of noxions disease like cancer. Now I only pray that May Allah give my life to you too as you are a support for many people like me who are suffering from agony (Ameen). If you allow may I give your number to other troubled people who ask for it so that they may also be relieved of their troubles. May Allah protect you. If possible please give me a yes or no reply on e-mail.

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اسلام و علیکم

اسلام علیکم
روحانی علاج آن لائن آپکی زندگی کی روحانی، سماجی اور معاشی مسائل کو حل کرنے کی کوشیش کر رہی ہے آپ زندگی کے کسی بھی پہلو کے مطالق ہم سے سوال پوچھ سکتے ہیں