Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said about Holy Quran:-
    “ I am leaving two things with you after me, one is Quran and second ‘Ahle Bait’ so hold them and don’t get into ‘Tfarqa’
    Holy Prophet (PBUH) mentioned Quran first then He told about the right path. So I will request the audience and Muslim Ummah to please solve their issues through Quran-E-Kareem and not to abundant it. It is the secret of our welfare and battlement. Respected Readers keeping in view your problems Roohani Wazaif Centre is presented hereby.
    In this era of contemptuousness pseudo scholars / practitioners and so called religious saints are an abundance, it is a great pillage to protect ones faith. We pray to Almighty that we may have his mercy on us. In the Ayyah given above Almighty Allah says that many people have gone astray by reading Quran and many have obtained / gotten Hidaya “Righteousness. In the present era people have been going astray due to wrong use of Holy Quran and the pious people of Allah always performed the duty of and they will continue it till “Qayamah”. Pseudo practitioners and deceptive saints have become irksome cankers for our society as they have put numerous people on stake. These merciless and cruel criminals trap innocent people and take advantage of their problems and loot them in different ways. The biggest preys of these cruel people are the women who not only lose their worldly wealth but sometimes are even raped. I know few people of satanic nature that I like to mention who have worked on some websites and are now running their own websites and are misguiding people of the whole world. They suggest their own self created practices to earn their livings. A few years before a crackdown was conducted against these people on the instructions of Governor Punjab and despite the great appreciation of public, government knows why was it ended and now the situation is as it was before. Fake saints are busy in this offensive business openly. Although the governors and government are present, but there is no one who may take action against them. Will the governor and his fellows tell that whether the people who were doing unacceptable satanic business of magic have renounced as they are relieved. Due to the lack of attention by government we are to take care of ourselves by helping ourselves; Before contacting any scholar, do assess his religious knowledge that he at least knows to recite Quran with appropriate pronunciation and  Makharij or does he knows at least the obligation of ablution (Wudhu), prayer (Namaz) and bathing (Ghusal)? Or does he only pretend to be a religious scholar? Does he know six Kalmah’s with a few crieteria like this we can assess the vastness of knowledge of these people. The one who needs prayers and righteousness, how will he be torch bearer for others. It is requested that you should protect yourself and the people linked with you from such people and do not indulge in such satanic deeds of theirs. When we get every solution from Quran-E-Kareem, it is useless to even think of such people so you should protect yourself, people linked with you and your friends and relative from these people and above all you should protect your faith.
    I, openly, invite all my anguished brothers and sisters of Muslim Ummah that let us know this book called “La Raib” that its every word has solution to many problems.
    There are comparatively  few people who are particularly blessed by Almighty for example, Pilot, ministers, general and high profile officials with whom thousands of lives are linked. For such people, special ‘Looh and Wazaif” are suggested.


    It is requested to all readers and Muslim Ummah that they must get guidance from Quran, which is the real source of “Hidaya” and guidance instead of so called pseudo saints. For further information visit the website of “Rohani Ilaj Online”. The whole content of this website is copyright protected. If such content is seen on any other website, please think that it is stolen from our website and please do let us know about it.


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Understand Islam

  • Believe In Allah.

    Firstly a Muslim has to believe in Allah as the Lord of this universe and whatever is in it.

  • Believe in Angels

    Secondly, a Muslim has to believe in angels as the creation of Allah Almighty.

  • Believe in Prophets

    Believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the Last and Final Messenger of Allah SWT, a Muslim also has to believe in all the other Prophets that Allah Almighty sent.

  • Believe In Divine Books

    Like other Prophets, a Muslim has to believe in all the other books that were revealed to those Prophets for the guidance of their nations.

  • Believe in Judgment Day

    A Muslim is to have the belief that the Judgment day is inevitable and once it arrives, all the people will be held accountable for their deeds which they committed in this world.

  • Believe in Destiny

    A Muslim must also believe that there are some things that are beyond human power and comprehension and should be regarded as elements of destiny or faith.

  • Believe In Resurrection

    A Muslim must believe that there is life after death and once a person dies, he or she will rise again and the life that will be given to a person then will be the eternal life with no end.