1. According to Hadith “Istakhara” means to take advice from Almighty. Seeking “Istakhara” is good luck while not doing so is bad luck for human beings. According to a “Riwayat” one who, seeks “Istakhara” never gets damaged and one who seeks advice never repents; and as per some “Hadith” it is also known that ‘‘من سعادۃابن ادم الر ضائُ با لقضاء’’  felicity / prosperity of humans is to be contended on the Divine Will.
  2. Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah (R.A) narrated that Holy Prophet ﷺ  used to advise us to do “Istakhara” for all the things as He used to teach Quran-E-Kareem. He said if someone is worried for something he should offer two ‘Rakat Nafal’ and recite Dua-E-Istakhara’ and seek advice from God. Prophet   said that if someone has done Istakhara for something and Almighty Allah has decided something for it (for example either the purpose was fulfilled or it was not or certain circumstances were created that it was avoided by itself) and the person did not agree with it, it is not permissible (it is great sin) repenting it, is Wajib”.