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Do u want to Make Love Marriage with desire person and because of planetery disturbance or family issue you are not able to convert your love into marriage. Ask Love marriage problem solution astrologer for getting an idea about reason and facts about love marriage and get astrological solution to make it possible in your life. World famous astrologer has made 1000+ parents for love marriage in inter caste or same caste marriage.

When you can Consut Astrololger For Love Marriage Problem solution

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. If we love someone in our life. Then we want to spend our whole life with our partner. But it is not easy in our society. Because of the orthodox mentality of our elders. Lovers have to face many problems in their love marriage. The Biggest Tragedy Of Love Marriage arises is that how to make parents agree for love marriage. But you will definitely resolve all your love marriage problems when you will take the help of our astrologer. Because there are certain positions. Due to which such problems occur in the love marriage. And the solution will all let you know from our love marriage expert. Book your free consultation from love marriage problem solution expert here.

What are the problems of love marriage faced by lovers in their love relation?


There are many problems that couples have to face in their love marriage success. That’s why our love marriage problem specialist is going to explain some common problems faced by many couples. So firstly we will study some problems and after that, we will find the most appropriate solution to your problem.

  • Intercaste love marriage issues.
  • Intercaste or inter-religion love marriage issues.
  • parents or either in-law are not convincing for love marriage.
  • Delay in marriage, or lack of peace in love marriage.
  • Society disapproval.
  • Some major or minor accidents are happening.

So these are some common problems faced by many lovers in their love marriage. If you want some best love marriage problem solutions then you have to consult our astrologer on the given number.

What are the astrological reasons behind love marriage problems that our astrologer can tell you?


Love marriage problem solution free As we all know that astrology is the study of the positions of planets ad houses in the horoscope of a person. According to astrology, the position of planets is the sole cause of love marriage problems. So that’s why we are going to discuss some astrological reasons behind love marriage problems. All the reasons are following as:

  • If the position of Jupiter is weak. Then it can create many conflicts between lovers.
  • Venus is the most important planet for love life. If the position of venus is wrong in the horoscope of a person. Then your love marriage can be badly disturbed
  • If the malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, and Mars are present in the 7th house then your marriage can get delayed.

So these are some astrological reasons behind love marriage problems. Now our love marriage problem solution astrologer will tell you some love problem solutions to solve your issues.

How love marriage problem molvi Ji helps to convince parents for love marriage?

Many people faced the problem that their parents are forcing them to get married soon with the person of their choice. But if you want to marry your love. And you want to stop this marriage. Then this powerful wazifa to stop marriage by our specialist will provide you results. This wazifa will stop the marriage and control the mind and body of your parents. And with the help of this, you can change their mindset towards anything. In this way, this wazifa helps you to convince your parents for love marriage. And even when your parents come into the effects of it. Then they can listen to you and even works completely according to you. Along with this we also get you to know one more thing is that when you will perform b he wazifa on your parents. Then out will mot harm or hurt them in any of the ways. It just controls their mind and helps you make your love marriage possibly happen with their blessings.

What is the 11 Most Common Love Marriage Problem Solution?

If you are facing a lot of problems in your love marriage. An want to stop all of them with one solution. Our Love Marriage specialist can solve all your love problems. Here we mention few of those problems that arise and along with the solutions for it. And these are in the following manner:

  • When your partner has some extramarital affairs along with having a relationship: If in the case due to the extramarital affair of your partner. Your realtionship gets disturbed and you are searching for the ways by which you can make your realtionship on track again. Then you can definitely do this possible the help of vashikaran mantras. You can control his mind and make him again back in your life.
  • The other one is sexual problems: If in your relationship of husband and wife has sexual issues. Then it might be the reason that your realtionship not runs smoothly and face a lot of problems. Because it makes the other partner feel that you are not showing any interest in you and also in the relationship.
  • Due to differences in the thought processes: If both of your thought processes do not match to each other. Then in such case, it will create a lot of issues and you cant be able to make your realtionship bond strong. But by the help of our specialist given strong wazaifs for love you can solve all your love issues and generate the love, understanding that is lack into it.
  • The other one is different states of life: In life, not the person many stages can come. The individual have to do various ups and downs. And you can pass through with it only in that case when both the partners are cooperative with each other. Thus, if in the care you have any of the problems in your life of both of them try to be well with each other. Then you will definitely live together happily with each other.
  • Some weird and stressful events: If in your life due to nay of the situation stress can arise and situations can be traumatic for you. Then it’s can be the time when the love can make your realtionship still alive and in continuation. But if these things lack someone her and feel that now you can’t live with him this stressful situation. That it will also break your relationship.
  • Financial problems: If in case the financial issues can arise and not supports you. In any of the way. And if in case it will affect your relationship. Then definitely you have to pay for it in terms of breaking the realtionship. But if you want to get to solve it and save your relationship. Then you can do so. If you still be together with each other.
  • The other one is if you are getting with your partner: If in case you dont show interest into the realtionship and also in your partner. And seems other things to be interesting. Then due to this problems can definitely arise. And it will break your relationship.
  • Having a lot of family issues: Family issues are so common. But the need is that you know the way that how you can deal with it. If in case you feel that you are not enough strong and not be able to deal with it. Then it is so sure that it will effects your realtionship adversely. So in that, you are in need to be supportive with your partner.
  • Having the addictions or any bad habit: If nay of your partner has any of the drug addiction. Then it can also ruin the relationship. Because tjhe persons itself do not know that what they say in the conduction of drunk. So if you want to save your husband wife realtionship or even your boyfriend girlfriend realtionship. Then it is necessary. That you must have to deal with it and live in it in a nice way.
  • Due to lack of communication: As communication is the medium by which you can share each other feel so well. But if this communication lacks somewhere into the realtionship. Then it might be possible that it will create differences among you. But if any of you try to attempt to maintain good communication. Then definitely you can solve your problem.
  • Try to show some loyalty: If you start hiding the things from each other. From whom you have to share everything. Then definitely it will hurt the feelings of the other one and affect your realtionship. So try to give some respect and show loyalty towards each other into the realtionship.

How love marriage matter solution expert can convert love into marriage?

Do u want to make your love convert into love marriage? Then you need the best astrologer for love problems. Because he will first predict your love marriage with the horoscope of both people. And then find the factor behind love marriage issues and make it solved? The entire thing can be previously examined by birth chart and horoscope. With the help of studying positions of planets and houses, you can find the best solution for marriage problem. In this way, our Love marriage problem solution astrologer can solve your love issues.

He can tell certain of things on the basis of the birth chart of both the lovers. That how you can get married to each other.

  • So the first thing is that you must have the date of birth of both the lovers.
  • And when he will check your horoscope. Then according to the yogas in the kundli. He let you know which planets positions create hurdles in your love marriage.
  • Like if venus in the male being and mars or Jupiter in the female gets its placed in the 7th house lord.
  • Then it might be responsible for creating issues in love marriage.
  • But when you will for once change the positions of these planets by doing some pooja. Then you will be able to convert your love into marriage.

Who is the best astrologer for love marriage solution?


If you are looking to whom you ask about astrology for solving love issues. Then you are in the right place. Our astrologer is very expert in handling love issues. He will provide you with some free love marriage problem solutions that help you to solve your problem as soon as possible. If you leaving in another city and not able to meet stronger. Then don’t worry because our astrologer also provides online services. And give the most effective online love marriage problem solutions. Moreover, if your partner belongs to intercaste and this has been becoming the reason for disapproval by your parents, in-laws as well as society. If you expect a solution, then inter caste love marriage problem solution specialist will work according to your expectations and will provide you with the best results. He solved many love marriage problems by astrology. For getting more love marriage solutions by astrology to contact us by the given number.


If you too face regular issues in making your love marriage possibly happen. Then you also soon can get to resolve them and get married to your desired partner. By the help of our love marriage specialist. For more details you can call us any time on +92 321 761 2263

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