For Proposal of Girl:-

    If the daughter of someone is unmarried and proposals are not coming, he should recite following name 1100 times after Isha Prayer in such a way that it should start on Thursday and end on Sunday. Something from the unknown will appear. The word is            یَا مُعْطِیْ


For Marriage of Girls:-

    Recite ( Ya Lateefu) 11 hundred times in the beginning and     end recite Darood-E-Ibrahimi 11, 11 times after that get into Sajada and pray to Allah. Continue it for 11 days. Recite 1 hundred and 11 times after every prayer.


If a woman is not getting Married:-

    Write whole Surah Taha in a silk cloth and tie it on the sleeve/ arm


 For good luck of Girls:-

    If someone recites Surah Sajadah 41 times, Almighty Allah will bestow pleasure and happiness to the girls. Some people should recite Surah Alahzaab together for 40 times, it will help in easy marriage of girls.


For Proposals of Girls:-

    Recite Surah-E-Muhammad for 33 days. It can be recited anytime except Asar and Maghrib time. Do not eat beef. If possible, use one particular dress and place for the Wazifa “Pakeezgi” (Chastity) is the condition.


For success in Marriage and Proposal:-


    If someone’s daughter is unmarried and there is no proposal, after doing fresh ablution (Wudhu), offer two Rakat Nafal and after this, keeping the purpose in mind, recite  ( Ya Lateefu) 100times. Insha Allah, he will get success in one month. But the practice must continue for one month.


Arrangement of girl’s engagement / marriage:-


    If a girl does not get good proposal, in first 14 days of Moon, recite Surah Yasin 41 times after Wudhu and pray to Allah Insha Allah she will get good proposals.


Another Wazifa for Marriage:-


    Write the following   and wear around the neck Insha Allah good proposals will come.
    بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم ومن کل شی ء خلقنا زوجین لعلکم تذکرون الھم بحق قولک ھذا بحرمۃ نبیک محمد بلیٰ ان ترزق فلان بنت فلان زوجا موافقا غیر مخالف بحق محمد والہ اجمعین۔


Another Wazifa for Marriage:-


    If someone’s daughter or someone faces hurdles in marriages and he wishes their good and early marriages, he should recite the following Ayyah for 313 times for 21 days alongwith Darood-E-Pak 11 times in the beginning and 11 times at the end.
    سبحن الذی خلق الا زواج کلھا مما تنبت الارض ومن انفسھم و مما لا یعلمون۔